Taken 4 June 2001:
Conway Scenic Railroad
Bec's Indecision
I swear, I don't know who's been in the pudding!

Taken 5 June 2001:
Ascent: Rain
Ascent: Rachel and Mom
Ascent: Bad Hair Day
Ascent: Rachel Relaxing
Descent: Waterfall
Descent: Bec and John
Descent: Mom
Descent: Rachel near Gem Pool
Descent: Beccah near steep section
Descent: Jeremy on the rocks

Taken 6 June 2001:
Pasta out to dry
Rose and Darren
Mom, Beccah, and Curled Toes
Lounging by Rachel and Nick
Jeremy the dude
Who's Birthday is it?

Taken 7 June 2001:
Fishing Hole from Above
Mt. Washington from Eidelweiss Summit
Sunny Summit
Summit King and Queen

Taken 10 and 11 August 2002:
Inside church, from behind
Inside church: Willetts
Inside church: Neeleys
Inside church: Rices
Inside church: Clems
Inside church: Caryl escorted
Inside church: mother's candles
Inside church: Rob waiting
Inside church: Sara and Rob at altar
Outside church: Caryl, Hank, and Uncle John
Outside church: Chris and Heather
Outside church: Sara and Rob
Outside church: Mom, Dad, and Heather
Outside church: Assorted lineup
Outside church: Caryl and the Rices
Outside church: Aunt Helen and the loud dress
Outside church: Holz's and Olziewski's
Outside church: Jim, Sherri, Pat, and Kara
Outside church: Rice lineup
Outside church: Tom, Sherri, and Hank
Reception: Cake cutting
Reception: Mary and Rachel plus two
Reception: Megan
Reception: Sherri and Rachel
Reception: Diane and Jim
Reception: Mary and Kirk
Reception: Heather and Mom
Reception: Germaine, Brian, and Andrew
Reception: Caryl and Zach
Reception: Bob and Pat
Reception: Olziewski siblings
Breakfast: Waiting for a table
Breakfast: Junior
Breakfast: Sara and Rob